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Often, management will rely on in-house or external resources in hopes of trimming the bottom line, when the reality is that the law is more complicated than was imagined.  Ultimately, things tend to fall through the cracks to the determent of the organization and to the dismay of management.

Let me show you how we can start working on your bottom line today in a real and positive way.

My rates are extremely competitive, and I provide the highest level of personal and professional service to my clients. 

When you hire my firm, you hire me--not a paralegal or secretary.  When you call, you will speak with me--and I will walk you through the complexity of the situation so you can achieve a comfortable level of understanding.

Since I refuse to maintain a high-rent office or a large staff, I can pass the savings on to your organization.

Call me today to schedule a free consultation.

No Fee for Initial Consultation

Special Discount Rates for Financial Institutions

Legal Representation throughout the State of Arizona

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